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ASL 2 - Unit 11

At the beach we wear sun block, sunglasses, and use an umbrella for safe skin health.

He replaced all his Spanish DVDs with Blu-ray discs.

My house is having a new dishwasher and two new toilets installed.

(MY HOUSE)top RENOVATE NEW (shift left) INSTALL DISHWASHER (shift right) CL:1(index right) NEW TWO TOILETS

Turn right by the playground and left after the movie theater.

Your freezer is leaking water on the rug and it is messy.

(YOUR COLD FREEZE)top (2h)CL:4(LEAK++) WATER (2H)CL:0-5(water spreading) (2h)CL:C(rug) fs-RUG MESSY MESSED-UP