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How do you get to your daughters High School from the show?

How do you wash your laundry and make your bed?

How long have the two of them been engaged?

How many siblings do you have?

This is signed as "HOW-MANY BROTHERS SISTERS YOU HOW-MANY?" with the wh-word facial expression (eyebrows down).

How much does it cost?

How old are you?

This phrase is signed as "HOW-OLD YOU?" with the wh-word question facial expression (eyebrows down). HOW-OLD is signed by signing OLD twice.

How was your weekend?

I am 20 years old.

This is signed as "I AGE 20". You learn more about signing ages in ASL 1 - Unit 12.

I am a college student and I am majoring in biology.

I am extremely hungry, I could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner right now!

I am not married.

This is signed as "I NOT MARRIED" with the negation facial expression (shaking your head).

I can't sleep. I've been tossing and turning all night.

I don't feel good. I feel lousy.

I don't like football but I do like race car driving shows on Thursdays evenings.

I don't mind that you borrow the car, but would you mind filling the gas tank?

I don't understand.

This is signed as "I UNDERSTAND" with the negative facial expression. The sign DON'T is already implied with the facial expression, so it does not need to be signed.

I don't want to listen to rap music as it makes me vomit.

I feel OK.

This is signed as "I FEEL OK".

I feel sick with a sore throat and an annoying headache.

I feel tired.

This is signed as "I FEEL TIRED"

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