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I feel wonderful.

This is signed as "I FEEL WONDERFUL"

I have 1 brother and 2 sisters.

This phrase is signed as: "I BROTHER 1, SISTER 2". Christine also shifts her body during this phrase, which indicates comparing.

I have 3 children.

This is signed as "I CHILDREN 3."

I have a question.

This phrase is signed as "I QUESTION" with an inquisitive facial expression.

I have an ugly dog that barks at night.

I have to go home.

This is signed as: "HOME I NEED GO".

I moved to New York around 1998.


I need to fix my roof after this last rain storm.

I put a camera on the top of my front door entrance.

I took the bus to get to class.

This phrase is signed as "I RIDE BUS ARRIVE CLASS". This sign for BUS is more English-based, but is used often. Another way to sign BUS is the lexicalized version #BUS. You can see an example of #BUS in the conversation in ASL 1 - Unit 5.

I want to introduce you to my friend Julie.

I'll be right back.

This phrase uses a classifier and is signed as "I CL:1(me)"go" CL:1(me)"come back"". Christine uses the 1-handshape to show herself leaving and then returning.

I'm studying to be an interpreter.

This phrase is signed as a rhetorical question: "I STUDY WHY? BECOME INTERPRETER". The first part of the phrase uses the yes/no facial expression (eyebrows up) and the second part uses an affirmative facial expression.

I'm taking ASL classes.

This phrase is signed as "I TAKE-up ASL CLASS". This sign for TAKE is different from the sign you would use to indicate that you took (or got) something (i.e. TAKE-from).


This is the sign for "INTERESTING", which can be signed using various facial expressions to create a phrase. In this video, Christine uses a facial expression to indicate that something is very interesting.

Is that right?

Is that true?


Is there a chair under your desk or is it in the dining room?

Is your hotel near the junior high school or behind the library?

My aunt lost her way through New York City while looking for the Yankee stadium.

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